Garage Storage Solutions

Why pick Mechano Max over off-the-shelf garage storage systems? At Mechano Max, we provide solutions to your problems. We don’t just sell you a shelf, we take the time to understand what you want and then design a solution to fit your garage storage needs.

Are you suffering from Garage Clutter Syndrome? Do you have to fight your way through all the stuff on your garage floor? Are your cars parked outside? Is there wasted overhead space in your garage? At Mechano Max we convert that wasted overhead and wall space into organized garage shelving solutions. 

Garage Shelving

Our solutions are adjustable and modular; they adapt to your changing needs. If you move, we can dismantle and set it up in your new home. Garage door openers, lighting, ladders, stairs or whatever accessory you might need can be added to your new garage storage solution. 

The garage storage solution we use is an adjustable, bolt-together steel system; like a Heavy Duty Mechano set. Our system is pre-engineered, so you know exactly how much weight your storage solution can take. All the components are galvanized steel so you never have to paint or weatherproof. 

Why Mechano Max vs wood structures? Mechano Max garge shelving solutions provide the maximum storage area with no posts to get in the way. Heavy duty steel beams that span longer distances than wood and are much more secure.

What about the cost? It’s the age-old rent vs own question. In this case it’s an easy decision - our storage solutions pay for themselves in less than a year. They also increase the value of your home so you’re not throwing your money away on never-ending rental charges. All your treasures are conveniently stored in your own garage. Christmas decorations, spare tires, skiis, bikes: They are off the floor, out of the way and easy to access when you need them.